How it started 

I never feel as alive as when I’m in nature and at sea, but it breaks my heart to see what we people are doing to it. It feels like wherever I go today I see plastic waste all around, from the bottom of the ocean to the deep forests.

So I decided to create a personal initiative and make it my mission in life to work for a sustainable planet, and as a part of that came GoodGlass, a personal challenge to do what I can to lower the world’s addiction to plastic bottles and other single-use products. I believe this will be done by offering perfect, durable reusable alternatives people can’t say no to and make it easy to live a more waste-free life & they in their turn will pass it forward.

To achieve this we needed the perfect design and functionality, a bottle that could fit every purpose.


How GoodGlass came to be

In Asia, they believe that green tea should always be enjoyed out of glass. Why? Because then you are able to see its beauty, and that’s half the pleasure of drinking it. When I first heard this, it really resonated with me, so I started searching for the perfect bottle.

I travel a lot, so I knew it needed to be quick and practical, something that would always be the answer to “Which bottle should I take?”. I also wanted to be able to get creative with my drinks. Basically, I wanted a bottle that would be amazing to drink out of, everywhere I go, no matter what’s inside it.

So I partnered up with like-minded people and fellow drink lovers and we got to work. Beyond tea, we wanted a bottle that would do justice to all the drinks we love: tea, fruit infusions, coffee and just about anything else we could think of (even beer!). I’m from Sweden, so a simple, beautiful design was very important—this meant clean materials like glass, wood and steel. It also had to hold temperature well and be comfortable to drink out of.

After experimenting with various designs on our friends, family and colleagues (thanks everyone!), we found the perfect experience. Say hello to GoodGlass! It’s so much more than we ever hoped for and we are so happy to share it with you.






A frequent traveler and entrepreneur with a strong passion for sustainability and reusability. Johan founded GoodGlass as part of his mission to create for a viable planet.




Happiness distributor

GoodGlass head sunshine & infusion maker. Tereza is very enthusiastic about her mission to lower her own environmental impact and become waste free

Czech Republic

Tina Pivovarníková

Tina Pivovarníková

Video Content Creator

An artistic soul with the sense of visual touch. Tina loved GoodGlass and asked to join the team, it was love at first sight.
She is passionate about video creation, being sugar-free and a greener world


Lina RUndqvist

Lina RUndqvist

Graphic Design Guru

Lina have a burning love for design and an eye for details like no other. She always does that little extra. We bring her coal and she makes diamonds.
Think this website looks beautiful? That’s all thanks to Lina!


GoodGlass produkty vytváří ze zdravého pitného režimu zábavu, tvůrčí proces s krásnými a lahodnými výsledky.
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